The Evolution of Energy
Transition Investing


We're on a mission to redefine energy transition investing.

After nearly two decades developing critical energy assets, we recognized a need to grow enduring businesses in specialized areas of the energy transition. Businesses that could benefit from long-term vision, industry-leading operating partners, and a calculated approach to risk that unites investment rigor and impact. We believe our strategy stands apart – driving a pragmatic path to lowering emissions, delivering reliable and affordable energy as well as investment value.


The energy transition investment opportunity is massive, and we’ve identified its sweet spot.

We used our comprehensive understanding of the evolving energy ecosystem to identify select subsectors we believe offer potential for significant value creation. These focus areas have an investment gap between pre-commercial venture capital and lower-returning infrastructure projects, or what we like to call the “missing middle.” This gap – sizeable in and of itself – is where we believe we can drive valuable growth.

Carbon Fuels

Lower carbon fuels like renewable natural gas that replace higher emitting resources


The electrons needed to power and add reliability to the energy transition such as battery storage

Value Chain

Transportation, processing, storage, and logistics for reducing emissions


Our Founders meticulously honed this approach over 15 years investing together.

Over time, they leveraged their deep energy sector experience to develop an investment strategy rooted in precision, agility, and ingenuity. Today, we utilize this history not only to identify what we believe are attractive investment opportunities, but also to partner with some of the industry’s most accomplished management teams.


We’re seeking to build, own, and operate critical energy transition assets.

Our disciplined approach starts with deep subsector understanding to identify investment opportunities that avoid technical and market adoption risk. We aim to invest in operating companies and joint ventures focused on asset development strategies in partnership with accomplished entrepreneurial management teams.