Redtail Renewables

Redtail Renewables seeks to develop a portfolio of landfill to renewable gas (RNG) projects.  As demand for sustainable fuel increases, we believe RNG will allow traditional natural gas customers and fleet vehicle operators to decarbonize their fuel supply and reduce GHG emissions.  Redtail’s CEO has a history of value creation in the industry and deep relationships across the landfill gas/RNG value chain, from landfill operators to RNG end-users.

Investment Thesis

  • Natural gas users are aggressively pursuing decarbonization
  • There is high demand for a more sustainable source of fuel across the transportation sector, with RNG demand for fleet vehicles expected to grow substantially
  • Landfill gas is the lowest-cost feedstock for RNG
  • Upgrading landfill gas carries low technical risk and an established buyer’s market

Date of investment

April 2023


Lower Carbon Fuels