About Us


Inyarek Partners was founded to capitalize on the most investable areas of the energy transition, driven by rapid energy ecosystem change.

Creating investment value in the energy transition sector requires forward-thinking insight, exacting decision-making, and careful execution. We are passionate about our ability to source and deliver on development projects that meet these differentiated criteria.

The falcon’s existence is one of precise conditioning as an elite, aerial hunter. The name “Inyarek” /in-YAR-ek/ is inspired by a falconry term describing this intense state of readiness and prowess.

Our Team.

Spun out from top‑quartile*, multi‑billion dollar investment firm

15 years of honed investment expertise together

Founders served as board members or officers of 25+ portfolio companies

* Per Cambridge Associates ranking of U.S. Private Equity Energy benchmarking data for vintage years 2014 and 2017 for DPI. Rankings dated as of 5/4/2023 and reflect the period ending 12/31/2022. See Disclaimer for additional information.

Our Core Values.


Inyarek was formed to define a pragmatic path for investing in the energy transition. Our mission is to identify, invest in, and cultivate opportunities to create and deliver responsibly sourced, efficient, reliable energy. We measure our success based on the value we deliver to our investors, partners, and the communities we serve.


  • Our guiding principles are rooted in trust, accountability, and integrity
  • We support a meritocracy of ideas and a culture of transparency
  • We encourage rigorous debate and difficult conversations
  • We embrace deep relationships with our partners
  • We are dedicated to building something bigger than ourselves


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations aren’t buzzwords for us, but rather an ongoing focus on responsible operatorship. We believe these best practices safeguard our communities, our assets, and our people.